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Making Temple Ball Hash

Making Temple Ball Hash



Hash & Hashish

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Making temple ball hash was done by hand rubbing dry marijuana flower tops. When marijuana is nicely dried the THC will rub off quickly. This pile of THC is sticky. It can easily be manipulated into ball shapes. People used to make this hash by hand therefor skin would be visible under a microscope. Wonderful to know you would be smoking some ancient hash maker’s skin.

The resinous texture combines with a sweet, tangy taste. This combination makes it distinguishable from other hashish. I love the narcotic, dream-inducing high. I’m from the 1970 to 1980 era of hash making. Smoking temple ball hash was best in a glass pipe. You wanted that taste to be everything. I couldn’t imagine mixing it with tobacco but that’s what people like to do. Nice to know you can hit a glass rig for the purity of a THC hit.

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